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Google To Offer Server Side Encryption On Cloud Storage!

Google Cloud

In a move that we thought should have been made quite a long time ago, Google is now offering server side encryption on cloud storage. According to a recent revelation Google will begin offering server side encryption immediately. This means that data that is uploaded to the cloud storage platform will now be encrypted before being uploaded.

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Google Chrome With Touch?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of those things that you either love or you hate, but regardless of your personal feelings about it, they have come up with something worth looking at.

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Will Apple Be Allowing Access To Amazon e-Books?

iPad Mini

Last month brought a not so surprising verdict when a U.S. district court found Apple guilty of being in cahoots with e-book publishers to fix e-book pricing. Well now it seems that the hammer has come down and the verdict is not one that Apple is going to like... The Department of Justice and 33 state attorney generals have submitted a proposal that recommends termination of publisher agreements that Apple has had in place since the iPad launched.

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The Arrival Of Netflix User Profiles!


Netflix has finally instituted user profiles! The new user profile system allows for multiple watchers in the same household to have their own viewer profile so that recommendations made for your viewing are based on YOUR watching habits. That means that even if you share a Netflix account with your roommate, your recommendations are not going to be based on their past viewing habits.

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Why You Should Check Out Amazon Collections

Amazon Collections

Amazon Collections is designed just like Pinterest but it focuses only on products available through Amazon allowing users to collect images of their favorite products all in one place. Perhaps, the ideal go to resource for that hard to buy for family member. Just find someone with similar interests and you can hunt down that ideal gift without too much hassle.

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Are Corporations Taking Advantage Of Our Internet Addiction?

Time Warner Cable

For the second time since November, Time Warner Cable has announced that they will be increasing their modem rental fee, this time from $3.95 to $5.99. A move that is likely designed to make up for the sheer number of customers who have now eliminated cable TV from their lives completely, in favor of online programming.

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Google Translate Now Supports Handwritten Notes!

Google Translate

Google Translate is a nifty little tool for monolinguals that allows for the translation of any typed text in to some seventy two different languages. But a recent revelation by Google now means that even those secretly written love notes in foreign languages can be translated...sorry kids, this one doesn't support pig Latin.

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12 Very True Rules of Internet

Super Mario Brothers

Scanning over one of our favorite sites of all time, Gizmodo, today we ran in to a post that was too true not to be shared. So we're sharing it with a little added commentary (in bold.)

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