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Space, gentrified

It's getting pretty plush up there. Yesterday, NASA released this image of Expedition 25 commander Doug Wheelock in the "cupola," a bay window installed on the Earth-facing side of the International Space Station in February 2010.

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Hurricane Earl As Seen From the International Space Station

Shot on August 30th from the International Space Station, NASA released this photo which shows Hurricane Earl as a category 4 storm from the perspective of space. The photo was snapped by NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock with a DSLR camera. With maximum sustained winds of 135 miles, it’s unique views like this, rather than weather radar animations, that really puts ...

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Astronaut Films Video of the Earth Traveling at 17,239 MPH

For those of you who don’t want to or mentally can’t do the math, 17,239 MPH is about 4.7 miles per second. So it takes about two seconds for the Earth to circle around yo momma’s ass. NASA astronaut Don Petit captured this time lapse video from the International Space Station. At one point you can actually see the northern ...

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DESTROY. ALL. HUMANS.: NASA to Launch Robonaut This Fall

NASA has announced that they plan to launch their R2 Robonaut into orbit in September, making it the first robo-humanoid resident of the International Space Station. Before launch, the robot/slayer of the human race will be thoroughly tested in conditions ranging from vacuum, low gravity and high radiation. Sure, he might be displaying amazingly good will for now. Just don’t ...

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