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Sneak peek at SonyEricsson’s new UIQ interface

For those who are unhappy with the current UIQ user interface employed by SonyEricsson devices, here’s a little something to look forward to. Apparently the UI will have some serious facelift. Here’s a shot snapped from a presentation somewhere, somehow, by somebody. —Sam Chan

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Windows Mobile Touch? Microsoft Patenet Reveals iPhone-like Touchscreen Interface

As seen with the Zune, Microsoft remains on the heels of Apple innovation, though always a bit too late. This newly released patent reveals Microsoft’s go at developing a touchscreen interface for mobile devices. The patent titled “Extensible Filtered Lists for Mobile Device User Interface,” seems to focus on better organization for the mobile interface by dividing functions into a ...

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Xbox 360 update is live and kicking

Just a little friendly reminder for all you Xbox gamers. The newest update for the gaming console is now live and very, very awesome. The addition of the new messaging capability might be enough to pump the Xbox sails up a notch or two. Also added is a Marketplace tab on to the main interface to save those precious downloading ...

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Apple accepting iPhone tech support job applications

And they will need all the support they can get! With a totally new interface being released to the mobile world, people are going to be in a tizzy about their iPhone. And if early word of the iPhone’s performance isn’t any indication, people are going to be up in arms about the low battery life unless they fix the ...

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Microsoft patent hints at Zune Phone UI

The confirmation of the iPhone barely out of Steve Jobs’ mouth before rumors started popping up about a possible Zune phone in the works from Microsoft. A newly published patent, which was submitted last year by the Gates’ Squad, seems to be the UI of a possible Zune phone. Whatever it is, it’s definitely some kind of interface for a ...

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Tip: tackling worn-out Fast Port connectors on SonyEricsson phones

The SonyEricsson K750 and W800 are one of the most readily seen phones on streets nowadays, they’re pretty good phones really, the Walkman and camera both work reasonably well. The biggest problem with SonyEricsson phones is that the “Fast Port” (for charger/data/headset connection) is not the most well-designed, since you’re attaching everything to same port, it tends to wear out ...

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