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Arcstream “Living Image” Lets You Walk On Interactive Fake Water

Jesus was known for a wide assortment of parlor tricks. If I had to choose one of Jesus’ powers, it would have to be turning water into wine, just because I’m a drunk badass like that. Arcstream AV is conquering another one of those biblical tricks with their interactive “Living Image” exhibit at The Science Museum in South Kensington, London. ...

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Interactive Image Projection Claims To Be Hologram: Cool, But Not A Hologram

*sigh* When will the geek community learn that just because an image is projected on a surface, giving the “illusion” of three dimensions, does not make a media be a “holographic” technology. We won’t deny that this interactive image projection isn’t really cool looking, but come on, it’s no hologram. Now, with that out of the way, what the good ...

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Fujitsu’s interactive UBWall in the wild, cramming products down your throat

The UBWall is a Fujitsu-made concept which has burrowed its way out from under the R&D walls into Japan’s busy consumer district. UBWall is an interactive touch display with integrated Wi-Fi and RFID capabilities which first appeared about two years ago, but is only recently being used in the wild. Financial-services company Nomura Securities is installing an still undecided amount ...

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