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Tapdrum MIDI Kit

This project kit is only meant to help get you started but it’s not short on features. If you’ve wanted to create your own SynthAxe-like percussion instrument, just like Futureman from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones did, then this is a great place to start. You’ll need to add your own piezo sensors to use as triggers and can even ...

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Almost An Entire Band In One

An instrument called TUIST (Transformable Uber Interface for Stardom) is a combination of guitar, bass and drums all in just one handful. Created by Rui Pereira an NYU student who got too bored with the fact that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is coming out. The custom-made instrument takes up less space than Rock Band and has the ultra-cool ability of changing ...

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Five Key Keyboard: Whack-A-Note

Some people have a hard time getting into one instrument. They set up training and practice schedules, only to be utterly bored within weeks, which leads people to create their own custom musical instruments. The Five Key Keyboard, or “Big Daddy”, is the creation of Michael Robson, described as a “circuit bent keyboard”. There is no real explanation behind the ...

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