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The Incredible Sock Matching Robot

With how frequently a single sock goes missing in my house, I’m not sure what good a sock matching robot would be, but the concept is a novel one. UC Berkeley researchers programmed the PR2 robot to not only match up pairs of socks, but to also flip the inside out socks back to their outside in form. The robot ...

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Inside Out One! *punch*: The Inside Out Volkswagen

My brother and I love playing that Volkswagen punching game when we’re cruising down the road. Well, more like my brother punches me and I grimace. I’m truly terrible at it. So it’s more like a one-sided slugfest then a true game. Black one! Red one! Inside out one! Wait… huh?! AlmapBBDO’s newest advertisement for the Volkswagen Fox turns the ...

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Inside-Out Easter Bunny Hopes You Had a Happy Easter

And so do we. Hope you had plenty of time to reflect on the true nature of the holiday – chocolate eggs and mutant bunny rabbits. If nuclear mutant-sized bunnies weren’t enough to creep you out, here’s an Inside-Out Easter Bunny to haunt your nightmares. Link

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