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Apple’s Pride: Special Page Displays All 300+ Leopard Innovations

With some official Leopard info just fresh off the wire, Apple is understandably excited about their upcoming OS. They’re so excited, they deemed it necessary to build an entire page built around the greatness of the new Leopard operating system. Featured on the page is all 300+ innovations that Leopard brings to the table as the first official OS upgrade ...

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Icuiti VR920 makes us wonder why Geordi was so melancholy

Winner of the 2007 CES innovations award, the Icuiti VR920 brings us one step closer to a Star Trek-esque world of designer technological eye wear. The headset creates the illusion of watching a 62-inch screen from 9 feet away, with a resolution of 640×480. And from the look on the womans face, the picture looks as cool as it sounds. ...

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