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The Force Is Strong With This Home Theater

Most of the home theaters we’ve seen offer little more than a large picture and crisp, quality sound. However, it is Monday and as such, an obligatory Star Wars post was bound to show up. Today, we acknowledge Steve Simon’s love for Star Wars and the dedication he (and a few friends) put into this Star Wars-themed home theater system. ...

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DIY: Papercraft Stormtrooper Helmets

Stormtrooper helmets now come in any style imaginable. These paper Imperial helmets can be yours for free; all it takes is a little folding and a solid printer. Every color of the spectrum can be utilized to make an infinite amount of variety. Want a pink stormtrooper helmet? Done. How about one that’s modeled after Maverick’s helmet in Top Gun? ...

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Lucas Ruins Star Wars Sweet Cakes With Special Effects

There are few things we love more in this world than Star Wars. But, if we were forced to choose one, it’d have to be baked sweets. So, instead of finding something greater than Star Wars, why not get the best of both worlds? Star Wars-themed baked sweets, such as these highly-detailed Yoda and Millennium Falcon cakes, are about as ...

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Star Wars Music Played On A Floppy Drive

If you like playing music with useless hardware and you’ve got no time to go to the Tashi station to pick up some power converters, then check this YouTube video out. Some geek hacked his old 3.5-inch floppy disk drive to play the Star Wars “Imperial” tune. Unfortunately, no documentation was made to show you how to build one yourself, ...

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