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AquaNotes: Waterproof Notebook for the Shower

I get some of my best ideas in the bathroom. Usually my time in the lavatory is spent trying to clear my mind from the stresses of the day. It just so happens that it’s these moments when I’m free to think and ponder. I usually forget most of my best bathroom material, mostly because there’s no way for me ...

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Glass Dry Erase Board

This is a perfect HOW TO for those of you teaching in a classroom or working on multiple projects at home. It was made by a father and son duo who threw the directions up on Instructables. It only costs around $65 to make, including the glass. DIYers and project managers alike simply cannot pass this up. Link [via]

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Condom Paperclips

Co-worker a huge dick? Get him back this holiday season at the company’s holiday party. These condoms don’t actually contain a rubber but instead have a bunch of paper clips inside. Loudly announce to your co-workers that you think your co-worker left his set of condoms on his desk, flashing the paper clip set around for all to see. He’ll ...

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Anti-Terrorism Ideas Gone Wrong

Neatorama has compiled a ‘Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents’. Ideas that will someday become realized. Check out this hippy trying to blow himself up during a protest demanding a “Jerry Garcia Day” be held in the month of August. There are tons of wacky ideas to scoff at, like the doggie earphones, airplane trap door and the explosion containment net. ...

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