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Humane Hunting: Mounted Plush Heads

Poor, poor stuffed animals. I had to hold back my vomit when I saw these Mounted Plush Heads. Surely the result of a camping trip to the plush section of Toys R Us, I just can’t understand the allure of shooting poor, defenseless plushies, humane or not. Be sure to coordinate your puke so it doesn’t hit your keyboard. The ...

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Metal Detecting Sandals

Truth be told I’ve never been one to use a metal detector. I just don’t have the patience to wander around the woods or a beach searching for buried treasure. But with the advent of new technology, all that’s about to change. I’d seriously consider these metal detecting sandals from quirky products reseller Hammacher Schlemmer. You walk around with them ...

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Animal Head Shot Glasses

Do me a favor, champ. Before you go out hunting today, have a shot of bourbon with me. You see, old chap, that bourbon warms the soul and brings luck about the hunt between man and beast. Ah, yes! There’s the burn! Don’t you love these campy shot glasses I picked up with animal head covers? There’s the bear, the ...

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