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“Mii love you long time” T-Shirt: Wii love it!

Humor degrading any certain sect of culture is just the best. You can’t help but laugh at something like this nerdy tee with the words “Mii love you long time” emblazoned on them. Not only does this rip on woman, but totally destroys the Asian take on English. Or as you might call it, Engrish. We hate to laugh at ...

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Laugh Of The Day: A new incredible fad, “Internet”

[ev type=”youtube” data=”1n4fDgmrF3o”][/ev] Coming to a rec room near you! It’s “Internet”! This 1993 broadcast is so hysterical, even though it shouldn’t be, since this was our recent past. But through the revolution called “Internet”, we can now pass gossip and cooking tips! And for only $200 a year! — Andrew Dobrow It’s called “Internet” [Neatorama]

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Laugh of the Day: Google In 1960, just a tad slower

HA! If we had to wait this long for a search result we’d be at the library a hell of a lot longer. In these modern times of 0.024 second search results, something like this shows us how far we’ve really come. Just remember to print your query clearly. Ha ha. Google’s hilarious. — Andrew Dobrow Google circa 1960 [fury.com]

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Protect your pizza…and laptop

Everybody needs a little humor in their life. The funniest thing about walking around with a pizza box laptop case is that people never respect pizza delivery men. Watch the eyes glance and the parents scoff. Only after these reactions do you reveal the wondrous notebook inside. This should make the onlookers feel outrageously stupid. Shows them not to pick ...

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