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Humans Will Need Two Earths by 2030

Set the lasers for consume. According to the Living Planet Report, if humans maintain their rate of resource consumption, we’ll need the capacity of two Earths by the year 2030. The report states that human demands on natural resources have doubled in under 50 years, far outpacing what the Earth can provide. In fact, if everyone on Earth today lived ...

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Vintage Typewriters Reinvented

Reminiscent of the City Foundry Bots, in comes a new breed of artsy sculptures made from old tech junk. Jeremy Mayer cleverly reworks old-fashioned typewriters into life-like humanoid sculptures. Occasionally, the wild feral cat is thrown into the mix, but most of his portfolio consists of bipedal robots. The intricacy of design is impeccable. You’d never think all those parts ...

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Dream CAPTCHA Rids Us Of Software Nightmares

The CAPTCHA process is famous for preventing spam and helping translate books. So, Jeffrey Augustine went back to third grade arts and crafts to create the Dream Captcha. It’s inspired by Native American dream catchers and the “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” used by many online sites to inhibit automated software from posing as ...

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Protect Yo’ Neck With Blizzard Authenticator

Oh noes! Some key logger has taken over my World Of Warcraft account! All my gold is missing, all my gear was probably destroyed all because I left my password as “password.” Well, it won’t happen again ’cause Blizzard‘s got this Blizzard Authenticator they’re selling for just $6.50. It’ll keep them hackers out…unless said hacker happens to be ‘Zero Cool’. ...

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