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Life On Mars: Martian Spotted On NASA Spirit Footage

No, we have not become a tabloid. Nor do we say that this image shows definitive proof of life on Mars (even though David Bowie asks that very same question decades ago, what a genius.) What we can tell you is that a humanoid-appearing entity was spotted chilling on a rock, from one of the photos taken by the NASA ...

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WTF?! of the Day: Gas Mask Shower Head

Nothing says “Damn, you stink and need a shower” quite like a shower head which needs a gas mask just to be in a confined space with you. The eyes of the gas masks face serve as mini-shelves to place all of your grooming supplies, such as a nail brush, shampoo, or a spatula. If it makes you feel uncomfortable ...

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WoW! A Night Elf of our own

Remember that cheeky 80’s movie, Weird Science, where two nerds figure out how to make a woman using lingerie, magazine models, and a piece of crap computer? This is similar except, not at all. We just needed an intro. Artist Max Kor rendered himself a pretty 3D WoW-inspired night elf from scratch, and it’s an impressive piece of work. He ...

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