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Myspace Drinks The DAP Kool-Aid

Who does Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace.com, think he is? Michael Arrington of TechCrunch? Because he certainly doesn’t think he’s the CEO of MySpace. If he did, he wouldn’t have come up with the crazy notion that MySpace could compete in what is essentially Apple’s market of portable media players. Seriously, a MySpace-branded portable media player? Are you nuts? According ...

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Holy Boner, Batman! 120GB Zune Sold Early

Later today, you’re going to feel the ground shake a little and possible open up in some areas. Don’t worry. It’s just the sound of the earth moving around furiously over news of this 120GB Zune. What’s a Zune? A strange MP3 player from Microsoft that still hasn’t died and a 120GB is due out next week. Now about that ...

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