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Want To Take Advantage Of Your Social Media Prowess?

Instagram Hotel

One hotel is looking to offer a little something more to people who have more than 10,000 Instagram followers, they're offering them the chance to stay for free! The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia - a newly opened hotel, is offering vacationers and social media "guru's" the opportunity to stay at their hotel for one night for free.

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Panda-Themed Hotel

You have to assume at the very least they have some amazing bamboo-based cuisine. Located in the Sichuan province of China (home to 30% of the world’s remaining panda population) this new panda-themed hotel offers a fully-immersive panda-obsessed experience. A stay at this panda retreat allows you to see such sights as hotel staff members dressed in panda costumes and rooms ...

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Refrigerated Sands Of The Palazzo Versace

Richer than Richie Rich? Only one vacation locale comes to mind this year and it’s the refrigerated sands of the Palazzo Versace fashion hotel in Dubai. When walking on hot sand is too much for you and you’re more spoiled than Paris Hilton, why shouldn’t you spend money on the luxury of cool sand? How does one even cool sand? ...

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Limes Hotel Opens

Here’s some shots of the beautiful Limes Hotel that just opened in Brisbane, Australia. It was designed by Alexander Lotersztain and is absolutely stunning. Blows away any building I have seen in New York. After the jump, more pictures.

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Pop Up A Hotel Room, Anywhere

Have you ever gotten the sudden urge to just sprout up living quarters anywhere you see fit? We have too, that’s why the Abilmo Pop-Up Hotel Rooms caught our attention.� It can be difficult finding an affordable room and board while taking a cross country road trip.� Abilmo themselves deliver these pop-up rooms and set them up on site for ...

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