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Weirdest. High Five. Ever.

The weirdest high five ever might also be the coolest. AND… it’s available on a hoodie, of course, for $38. The high five is so weird and so rare that explosions randomly occur in the background when it happens. Hyperbole is the best thing ever. Link [via]

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Full-Zip Batman Hoodie

Want the muscles of Bruce Wayne without the annoying butler or billions of dollars? Exactly. Throw down $78 and pick up this full-zip hoodie from Lot 29 Urban Wear. Batman’s face is screened onto the hood so your face will even be disguised whilst you rob a bank save a bank being robbed. I’d prefer a little more color on ...

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The Best Things In Life Are Beers

This sweatshirt is a tailgater’s dream come true. For $45, the Beer Bottle Holder Sweatshirt will not only keep your hands cozy, it’ll hold your beer for you as well. Truck through the parking lot with pride, knowing you’ve got the advantage in that game of catch considering you’ve got two free hands. Just make sure the More Taste League ...

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