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Arctic Mobile Unit Sustains Life in Extreme Climates

I’ve sort of always wanted to honeymoon in the Arctic. Sure, there’s nothing to do outdoors, but that’s sort of the point, if you get my drift. *rawr* Designed to withstand an Arctic winter, the Arctic Mobile Unit provides life support for up to three people for 15 days. Perfect for a hump-tastic fortnight-long procreation marathon. Gotta keep each other ...

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I Now Pronounce You, Nut And Bolt

While the female/male innuendo of the Nut And Bolt Wedding Rings keeps me thinking about the honeymoon, the idea behind the concept is a pretty cool one. Having a ring made of building hardware is something only a family of construction workers could use and not seem totally obscure. The idea is a romantic one. Lovers becoming screwed together like ...

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