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Homer Simpson iPhone Vinyl Sticker: Mmm… Smartphone

Etsy seller Apple Jam designed this genius Homer Simpson iPhone sticker. While I’ve never seen Homer eat a piece of fruit, I’m not quite sure this counts. Mmm… technolicious. Thought we bet he’ll be saying “Do’h” when it comes out the other end. Shattered glass? No thank you. The sticker is sold out for now, but if you bug Apple ...

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If The Simpsons Were Black…

If The Simpsons were an average family from Angola, rather than Springfield, things would be a hell of a lot different. Well, maybe not too different. Other than their skin, hair and dress, everything seems to be in typical Simpsons condition. Santa’s Little Helper? Check. Couch? Check. Afro pick? AFRO PICK?! NOOOOOO! Link

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Homer Simpson Is Watching You

We love clocks. Homer Simpson loves Duff Beer. Clearly, this is a match made in Heaven Springfield. Hang up this relatively cheap ($21) Simpsons wall clock and watch as Homer’s eyes follow the bottle of Duff beer floating on the end of the second hand. I’m sure the novelty won’t wear off anytime soon, but always remember: Private Eyes. They’re ...

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D’oh! Homer Simpson Found on Euro Coin

It’s funny how the Simpsons seem to pop up everywhere. Especially Homer. From USB-powered lights to wall clocks to iPods, you just can’t seem to escape the charm of America’s favorite yellow family. Even across the world, in Aviles, Spain, Homer is turning up in odd places. A shopkeeper found him on the back of a one Euro coin instead ...

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