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When Movies Mate

Worth1000, the king of the Photoshop contests, loves to mess around with the cinema. And the site’s users just eat it up. Their Mate a Movie contest challenges photo crafters to join two or more movies together and create a poster for said movie. The results, as you can see for yourself, are often hilarious. If you’re not feeling Incontinent ...

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Man Gets DUI On Motorized Bar Stool

We support the DIY community to the fullest here at Gearfuse. However, we absolutely do not condone drinking and driving, no matter the vehicle. Apparently, one Kile Wygle (what a name!) of Ohio was arrested for charges of DUI on a motorized bar stool. As you can see, Mr. Wygle built himself a damn machine from an old Briggs and ...

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Google’s Chrome Comics Get Spoofed

The Internet is a funny place. When a company as powerful as Google has a premature announcement of its latest web browser due to a leaked comic it made describing the process that Google engineers undergo during production, you know internet-dwellers are going to take advantage. Users at YayHooray went to town on some of these strips, bringing hilarity you’d ...

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