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DIY: Papercraft Stormtrooper Helmets

Stormtrooper helmets now come in any style imaginable. These paper Imperial helmets can be yours for free; all it takes is a little folding and a solid printer. Every color of the spectrum can be utilized to make an infinite amount of variety. Want a pink stormtrooper helmet? Done. How about one that’s modeled after Maverick’s helmet in Top Gun? ...

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Skull Protection For The Fashionably Adept

With all these awesome electric motorcycles sprouting up everywhere, you’re gonna need a sweet looking helmet to go with your new bike. French designer Jrme Coste has shown interest in crash helmet design since surviving his sixth cranial fracture. Jesus, you’d think you’d quit around three or four cranial fractures, but no, Coste just keeps on biking. Made from carbon ...

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World’s Safest Horse-Riding Helmet

Horseback riding can be a dangerous hobby. One slip and your brain could be splattered over different area codes. No worries though, because scientists at the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute have development a helmet that is said to reduce head and brain trauma due to spills by 40%. The helmet was inspired by nature to create the ...

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A Chicken Head Lamp? Oh, But There’s More!

Sebastian Errazuriz is a designer who has made some really interesting product ideas, focusing on integrating humor and thought to everyday objects. Take for example, the Chick Head Lamp, which depicts a decapitated birdy with a light for a head. We hope it doesn’t still run around like stories we’ve heard. His other designs include a outfit made from chopped ...

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Skull Helmet: Protecting You From Death While Scaring Your Neighbors

Everyone knows that bike helmets are made to protect your head in case you were to take a fall off of your two-wheeled monster. This Skull Helmet takes the “skull” part literally, designed to look like an actual scary black skull. We hate when we hop for a ride on our bike and our neighbors dogs take chase after us, ...

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Live at dog’s eye view with One Eye Ball

Ever wondered how your pet dog views the world? One Eye Ball by Hung-Chih Pen attempts to recreate the dog perspective for us bipedal mammals. The One Eye Ball concept works by mounting eyeglasses-sized LCD displays in the helmet, which are connected a a camera at the end of a tube. The camera sits around the same height as a ...

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