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“Burn” Your Anniversary Into Your Mind For Ultra-Memory

As many ways as technology has provided us to remember our anniversary, and as much as our lady friends might drop hints, we men always have a way to let the date slip our minds. Another stylish method could never hurt, especially one that goes to extreme measures such as the Hot Spot “Remember” Ring. Described as “being hot enough ...

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USB heated mouse saves your hand from frostbite

As we find ourselves constantly further into winter everyday, here is a peripheral that might help you save yourself from frostbite. This is a USB heated mouse. Not only will the power from the USB go to powering this mouse, it will also be used to heat up your poor, freezing hand. You might not want to trash that USB ...

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Belkin Cooling Stand protects your balls (and your laptop)

Laptop’s overheating has become a big problem recently. With all the problems with batteries exploding in your lap (no more children for you), here is a solution to help you keep your laptop from burning you up. So here’s the sitution: you just got your new desktop replacement laptop with a 17″ display and the best graphics cards to couple ...

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