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IBM, wanted for the murder of flash

With flash memory as the leading source of memory along with the conventional RAM, it’s a wonder more companies haven’t dipped their fingers into the memory cookie jar. Along with other next-gen memory prototypes, such as MRAM, IBM has announced it’s working prototype named, phase-change memory (PCM). IBM states that PCM has the capability of being 500 times faster then ...

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Fujitsu announces 300GB 2.5″ hard drive

With a capacity like this, that’s a crap load of pirated movies you could fit on this thing! The announcement of Fujitsu’s 300GB 2.5″ hard drive, notebook owners can soon have as much storage space as most desktops on the market. There’s no estimated price in the press release, but we are guessing it’s going to be something like $2000, ...

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One Travel Adapter to Rule Them All

Anyone who has traveled outside their home country knows the importance of travel adapters. Anyone who has traveled extensively knows what a pain in the neck having to travel with a whole collection of them is. World travelers, rejoice. Hammacher Schlemmer feels your pain, and has released this compact travel adapter which works in 150 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, ...

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US shoe stores to try 3D footsize imaging

What do you do when you need to try out your new technology? Test it on innocent children’s feet, of course! Stride Rite, the leading retailer of children’s shoes in the US has began to use a 3D gauge for sizing feet that is designed for measuring highly accurate measures. The gauges were installed in three Boston area stores after ...

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