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WD Unveils Largest SATA Drive in the World

You know what they say, it’s just more to love. WD unveiled their newest Caviar Green SATA Drive which stores 3.0 TB of data, divided into 750 GB platters. An Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) allows users to skirt the 2.5 TB limitations of PC hardware. Nothing like a little technical trickery to get your juices flowing. Believe it or ...

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Dual HDD Docking Station Transfers via eSATA

How much data you packin’ over there? Enough to have extra hard drives laying around, full of media? This Dual HDD Docking Station allows for any two 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA harddisks to connect to your computer via the eSATA port. This plug-and-play driverless docking station is great if you just want to have all of your data supplied to ...

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It’s A Cup. No, It’s A Hard Drive. No, It’s A Cup

I’ve got a problem with designer Franco Marino Cagnina’s external hard drive concept. It’s not the fact that it’s 100% recyclable which gets to me, that’s just fine and dandy. It’s the fact that it looks exactly like a cup which really bothers me. That’s not to say I don’t approve of a design change over the traditional square box ...

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Toshiba 100GB 1.8″ hard drive opens new frontier

Toshiba’s newly announced MK1011GAH is a 100 GB 1.8 inch hard disk, and it begs the question: 100GB iPod? This new hard drive spins at 4200 rpm, measures in at 54x71x8 mm, and weighs 59g.with every MP3 player on the market stuck at 80GB, a new 100GB hard drive is a welcome addition. We’ve all had ample time with her ...

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