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Socket Deer or Dear Socket?

Here’s another way to clean up that cluttered mess of cords by your power outlet: outlet covers with deer antlers on them for holding gadgets while they charge. They can also be used like the ninja cord bunny and wrap up any loose wire laying around the floor. You could even go the extra mile and hang up your house ...

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Designer’s 3-D Wire Sconce

Designer Marcus Tremonto crafts these wicked DIY sconces out of strands of illuminated wire which he pokes through glossy sheets of acrylic. The result is this 3-D illusion of a lamp that almost appears as if it isn’t hanging from a wall. These light fixtures are eco-friendly as well, with each one operating with cool-burning electroluminescent wire. Tremonto doesn’t just ...

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Straight Up Chess Boards

Straight Up Chess makes gaming and chess boards. Nothing new there, aside from the fact that these games are designed to be played on a vertical surface. Mount the board to your wall and casually play a game with your roommate. You have to take a piss, you make a move. Cooking dinner, make a move. Grabbing a condom from ...

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Teacup Birdfeeders For Stuck-up Birds

Birds are classy. They deserve to be treated like royalty as they run a muck in our neighborhoods, waking us up with annoying chirps and shitting all over our cars immediately after they’ve been washed. Etsy seller Ohthepollybilities makes these quaint teacup bird-feeders with an ordinary China teacup and some well-placed chain links. The seller describes its possibilities as “endless” ...

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