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Can’t Ride? Sit

Supporting the Obama campaign can be tiring, unless you build your own stool out of the handlebars from your bike. Then of course, you’d ride your bike with no handlebars. Spotted on Make, Flickr user Xnedski found this Obama supporter carrying bike handlebars. As you can see, this man carries his handlebar stool everywhere. It beats wearing a garbage bag ...

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I’d Feel Up A Chick With Beerhandles

Is 9:15AM too early to drink? Seriously, you can be straight with me. Because at the moment, I’m desperately craving one of these Beerhandles. For $10, it snaps on to my beer can so that I can hold it like a mug. Why don’t I just hold the can? Because I sweat too much. It’s a glandular problem and the ...

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Problem: Richard Gaywood has an Xbox Live Account with the username “RichardGaywood.” This is a legitimate use of a gamertag. Microsoft gets a complaint about Dick Gaywood’s name and his handle is removed. Solution: Your name is Dick Gaywood, dude. I really suggest getting your name changed. Link

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