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Disembodied Hand Prevents Wrist Fatigue

Even on Halloween, when you’re all hopped up on candy, using a mouse can be tiring. For the people who don’t use a vocally controlled mouse, you’re going to need a place to rest your hand. Good thing ThinkGeek is selling this foam wrist-rest that’s shaped like a disembodied hand. It’s perfect for October. $9.99 isn’t a bad price for ...

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Famicom Sans Console

Remember that Nintendo Famicom which was built into an NES cartidge? That was cool and all, but a post on Ben Heckendorn’s console hacking forum by user Darkeru revealed a new approach which may have just one upped it. Not only did he manage to fit the NES inside the cartridge, he also has managed to embed a controller and ...

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Para Para Revolution Is Rhythm With Your Fingers

Guitar Hero got lame pretty damn fast and Dance Dance Revolution was never straight. Para Para Revolution however, isn’t nearly as bad. Instead of dancing on foot pads or playing a fake guitar, the player wears gloves with accelerometers that detect their hand movements. The gloves focus on both hands’ waving motions. The player has to follow the rhythm and ...

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Handphone Not As Tasty As A Bananaphone

When I was a kid I must have subconsciously wanted to become a businessman or something along those lines. At least I knew I wanted to use the phone a lot. I remember playing with my fake phone for hours, and then when I wasn’t playing with my fake phone, I’d be holding two fingers up to the side ...

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USB Hand Warmer Reduces Shrinkage For All Night Wank-Fest

What can’t be done now with USB ports (other than curing cancer and solving world hunger)? The USB Hand Warmer adds another addition to bodily warming USB devices, such as the Ass Warmer. The USB Hand Warmer takes about 25 minutes to heat up to a soothing 50 degrees. Being at the computer all day, I know my hands become ...

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Enjoy handsfree reading in bed, sick and healthy alike

Who says reading in bed is the privilege of those who got sick? With these reading stands, we can read in bed anytime we want, in any position and under any background lighting condition. These stands range from $60 to $190, the smallest one you can bring to the beach, the biggest one you can hang your laptop up there. ...

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