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Han Solo Carbonite Desk, I Love You (I Know)

Even at his most perilous moment, Han Solo refused to tell the Princess how much he loved her, but I have no shame in admitting my undying love for this awesome Han Solo in Carbonite Desk. Yes, that’s right, I am in love with a piece of furniture. How awesome would it be to walk into your boss’s office and ...

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Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake: Complete with Nearly Dead Luke Skywalker

While it might not have been Luke’s proudest moment, Han Solo saved Skywalker from certain death in the Empire Strikes Back by slicing open a freshly dead Tauntaun and shoving the unconscious Jedi into the depths of the animal’s guts. Still warm, the heat of the dead animal saved Luke from freezing to death in the harsh Hoth climate. This ...

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Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Cake

I call the penis! Check out this incredible cake, expertly decorated to resemble the iconic image of Han Solo frozen within a block of carbonite. Now Darth Vader really can have his cake and eat it too. That is, unles Jabba gets to it first.

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More My Little Pony Madness

Hey, what do you know, it’s Saturday and I’m sitting here blogging. Not my usual, but hey, I happened to be in the area. And whoopy, check out what I came across. Some new awesome My Little Pony models to add to the growing collection of Pony mash-ups we’ve seen over the past month or two. I like to call ...

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Star Wars Celebrities: Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo

If Star Wars was reproduced as a modern parody, who would be cast in the hilariously sacrilegious resulting film? Photoshop contest headquarters Worth1000.com has it covered with their Celebrity Star Wars contest. My three favorites are Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo. Lambchop just looks so much cuddlier as an Ewok!

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