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Peter Moore says “New Xbox in 5 years”

According to Peter Moore, head of the Interactive Entertainment Business division of Microsoft (pictured above), the production team of the Xbox 360 is already working on the follow-up for the popular gaming console. Moore says that Microsoft is looking into what processors will be available around 2011-2012, a sign that this will be around the time of the next 360 ...

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What says “I Love You” better than a Valentines Halo shirt?

If you wind up buying one of these Valentine’s Day Halo tee shirts, be prepared for the, “Who’s Master Chief? Is that some Native American thing? I thought you were Italian.” This is how you know whether the person you are talking to has any knowledge of any video games within the last 5 years. Now, don’t expect the ladies ...

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Halo 3 beta instructions! Come and get ’em!

So what if Gears of War has taken over the Xbox360 scene as of late. The name of Halo still holds a warm and fuzzy place in every die-hard Xbox fan out there. That is the main reason why the upcoming installment Halo 3 is receiving so much attention right now. The newest and coolest thing in Halo world? Getting ...

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