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Skeleton Socks

Halloween is upon us come the end of the month, folks. I hope you have a hell of a costume ready. I was going to go as Levi Johnston, the self-proclaimed “fuckin redneck” that knocked up Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter. That fell through so I might just go as a skeleton. I’ll already have the one up on the ...

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Halloween Bubble Fogger

I used to have a sweet little fog machine until my roommate lost it. I may consider this Bubble Fogger as a suitable replacement. Instead of just belching out smoke onto your stage a la Spinal Tap, this little fucker burps up bubbles filled with fog that remain perfect spheres until popped. Once popped, the fog will flow into the ...

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Obscure Gaming Decor For Halloween

Need that extra flair to add spunk to your upcoming Halloween bash in two months? How about a flying skull that, once attached to the ceiling, will fly in circles as it chomps away at the air. It’s on clearance for a measly $6, so now is a better time than ever to snag one for your party. It’ll go ...

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More Apple Fanboy Halloween Costume Madness

Late last week we say the iPod Ad Halloween costume, and now an equally wacky bunch of Apple fanatics have put together a fantastic iPhone costume. While it might look like they raided an Apple store display, these 60 pound costumes are hoisted on with PVC pipe and ratchet straps. If you’ve been an ardent supporter of the “Jesus” phone ...

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Awesome iPod Ad Halloween Costume Idea

This year I’ve decided to be a RPG style dwarf for Halloween (mostly because I couldn’t think of a way to be a Tauren or a Death Knight), including a dwarf mask called Motorhead, and a cool looking fake sword. Though I probably should have put more thought into it, like these guys. I don’t know about you, but I ...

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Choculator melts in your class, not in your hands

Don’t let its appearance deceive you. The Choculator is not edible, of course unless you eat plastic. In which case this could be your dessert after scarfing down the Tempura Phone Charm. Choculator looks scarily close to being an actual chocolate bar, except that most chocolate bars don’t have a display screen on them. Choculator comes packaged in a candy ...

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