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Mother-Son Family Guy Halloween Costumes

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about getting the shit scared out of you. Craftster user SonicsInk posted this awesome Mother-Son Family Guy costume, perfect for a comedy-filled Halloween. And remember, there is always the potential for some scariness. Stewie has been trying to kill his mother for years now. Victory will be his! I love the little details, such ...

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Be a Comic Book Character for Halloween

What might be the coolest damn costume ever, this Comic Book Character costume turns your skin into a pointillist canvas, perfect for those who prefer their significant others in 2D. I can always use a little Lois Lane action in my life. Amirite, huh huh?

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DIY Steampunk Pumpkin

Hans Scharler created this awesome Steampunk Pumpkin using a bunch of spare parts from some of the most well known DIY providers. The pumpkin glows an eerie green color from inside when turned on in the dark, sort of like your mom. Hit the jump for the video making of the Steampunk Pumpkin.

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Mona Lisa Halloween Costume

Still having a tough time picking out your Halloween costume? This Mona Lisa costume will probably work for both men and woman since the Mona Lisa itself is of ambiguous sex to begin with. Simply create your own mock Mona Lisa design and cut a face hole in your design. Designer Alexa Westerfield provides more in-depth instructions on her site ...

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Make Your Own Lawn Flamingo of Doom

Originally called “Flamingos with Fricken Laser Beams,” you too can create your very own Halloween-themed lawn flamingo of doom with this helpful phototutorial. The “fricken laser beams” title is slightly misleading as the doom flamingo has LED eyes rather than fricken’ laser beams. But either way, the eyes do glow. Ok, but what about the lawn gnomes of destruction? Link ...

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Three-Headed Dog Costume

Are you a fan of Harry Potter or do you just have a really freaky bestiality fantasy? Both fanboys, disturbed and literary, should be satisfied with this photo of a dog wearing a three-headed costume, akin to Hagrid’s very own Fluffy from the Harry Potter series. Attached to a harness, this costume actually seems less tortuous than other forms of ...

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