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EMBRIO: A Unicycle With A Motor

Unicycles aren’t commonly used unless you fall into a certain demographic. Usually 17-year-old dice-rollers (and we don’t mean gambling.) The EMBRIO Advanced Concept takes the unicycle to the year 2025, when even one-wheeled transportation can be sexy. EMBRIO uses sensors and gyroscopes to balance up to two passengers on a large single wheel, using the two smaller “landing gear” wheels ...

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Janitor robot is tired of you messy humans

There are three different types of janitors. There are the ones that seem to be constantly grumpy and growl obscenities under their breath, the eccentric ones with a heart of gold, and now there is this nameless robotic janitor, simply called a Multipurpose Network Service Robot. The robot janitor is no everyday dust vacuum. It also comes equipped with a ...

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