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When Potassium Chlorate Meets Gummy Bear

If you’re unfamiliar with potassium chlorate, don’t feel bad. I was too before I heard about this. Potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts violently with sugar, any sugar, including gummy bears. Man, what is with gummy bears and our apparent hate for them? We’re always doing something to torture our gummy comrades. When potassium chlorate meets gummy ...

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Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick

I’ll spare you the gruesome details of what stick goes in what hole. You’ve seen way too many gummy bear atrocities as it is. These half-pound gummy bears are the equivalent of 88 normal-sized gummies. The stick allows for simple consumption of your favorite mutant-sized sugary mammal. The Gummy Bear comes in three flavors: Sweet Lemon, Green Apple or Blue ...

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Gummi Bear Surgeries: Nom Nom Experimentation

There appears to be a budding Dr. Mengele in the house, though this time Gummi Bears are the victims of the heinous experimentation. The lengths at which some people are willing to go in the name of science is sickening. All these poor, innocent Gummi Bears were looking for was to be sent quietly through your digestive system. And this ...

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The Anatomy of Domo

Anatomical mix master Jason Freeny has created anatomical models for such oddities as balloon animals, gummy bears and now, Japan’s own Domo. Domo has just been all over the damn place. The last few years, around Halloween, Domo has been pushed and promoted like crazy. Last year at Target, this year at 7-Eleven, it seems like 2009 is no exception. ...

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Gummi Lights: Not As Chewy As They Appear

Available in red, orange, yellow, clear, green, blue, purple and pink, these Gummi Lights look scrumptiously chewy, but are completely inedible (unless you can digest solid rubber). Illuminated by a tiny LED bulbs, these 7 x 4 Gummi Lights commemorate my favorite movie theater snack. I’m not sure what I would do if I had an actual 3.5 lb Gummi ...

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