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Guitar Hero Effect Pedal confirmed through 360 instructions

Thanks to an early shipment of Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360, there’s now hard evidence to confirm that Guitar Hero is adding the use of an effect pedal to the game. A diagram of the guitar controller in the 360 instructions shows a plotted port for an effect pedal. Before you get your gaming panties in a knot, take ...

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Awesome Nintendo DS Guitar Mod

[ev type=”youtube” data=”8X4tWIwx0ns”][/ev] This is one of the coolest mods we’ve seen out of any gaming console. We have no idea how this works, but its amazing how realistic sounding the guitar tones are coming from the DS. Very, very impressive and something we want to get our hands on. This also makes the prospect of a DS Guitar Hero ...

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Guitar Hero coming to the Wii

So it’s finally been announced. Activision’s Guitar Hero, one of the most popular games of the last few years, is on its way to the Wii. The information given is very little since it was only briefly talked about in a conference call from Activision CEO Mike Griffith. All the details known for now are from Mike Griffith’s mouth: “The ...

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