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Beer Soap: Bars of Soap Made With Your Favorite Lager

Does that special alcoholic in your life complain about how you so rarely smell like you’ve been drenched in booze? No longer with Beer Soap! Made with an assortment of smelly ingredients and a wide-range of beers, Beer Soap is the only personal washing material guaranteed to give you a buzz if eaten. (Admittedly, there are easier ways to do ...

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The Ultimate DS Meetup

It seems like you can make a Guinness World Record out of any feat these days. Last year, 381 Australian kids set the Guinness World Record for simultaneous Nintendo DS playing. I wonder if there’s a Guinness World Record for most people standing around in Times Square with a thumb in their ass. Tomorrow, members of a UK DS fan ...

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Pinhead? No, More Like Buffalo Bill

A publicity stunt celebrating the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing leaves 2008 needles in Dr. Wei Sheng’s head as well as a few hundred in his shoulder (just for kicks).� When you’re already in the Guinness Book of World Records for sticking needles into your head, there is little you can do besides stick more needles in your head to ...

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