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DARPA-made Robot is Basically a Balloon Filled with Coffee Grounds

Coffee has all sorts of untapped potential, as we saw with the Nespresso-powered clocks and radio. DARPA takes a handful of sweet caffeine-assisted glory with this mechanical coffee grounds-filled balloon. I know, it sounds like the leftovers of a futuristic Starbucks office party, but the resulting product is actually a helpful gripper which sucks objects into its crushed coffee grounds ...

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Envelope Divider Turned Tech-Gear Holder

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, in comes Geargripper. The foam padded place to put all the crap you have in your pockets onto when you get home from work. No sir, an end table just won’t do anymore. PDA, cellphone, your watch, you name it; Geargripper can grip it! The padding is soft, so it won’t scratch ...

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