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Greek Sculptures with a Twist of Geek

Just how iconic is the Apple iPod? Iconic enough to be featured in the hands of Greek gods. California Artist Adam Reeder created this fantastical Greek-inspired sculptures. Sculptures which prove that the iPhone is so great that even Zeus uses one. Where would Pan be without Dream Theater to back up his serenade? And where would we be if we ...

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NYC Resident Makes Gadget Repair House Calls

Broken gadgets suck, especially when it’s an iPod. All of a sudden you find yourself walking to the subway sans tunes. The train ride gets longer, sights become more boring and overall, the ride sucks. Luckily, there is hope. If you live in NYC, give Demetrios Leontaris a call. This sly Greek will roll over to your pad to fix ...

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A Skateboard That Would Make Plato Proud

Skateboarding isn’t for everyone, though Ryan is pretty decent at it. Take Tougher Than Leather – a Greek-inspired skateboard that is made to order from Greece Is For Lovers. Though it looks beautiful and the strap-in style deck is similar to snowboarding, I can see a lot of ankles getting twisted trying to pull off tricks on this board. They ...

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