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Google Has Secretely Developed a Self-Driving Car

Is Google setting its sights on alternative green transportation? It would seem odd that a search company would be in the headlines as a cutting-edge developer of automobiles, but apparently, Google still has a few secrets up their wizard sleeves. Google has secretly been developing a self-driven, autonomous car which actually does what it’s supposed to do. Google has accumulated ...

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Take a Left at the Penguins: Google Street View Expands to Antarctica

With the addition of portions of Antarctica to Google’s Street View, Google can now claim Street View availability on all seven continents. It took three years of LARPing and accident catching, but they’ve done it. For now, the Antarctic viewing is extremely limited, but Google plans to expand with user-submitted photos and more official photography. You’ll notice that some Antarctic ...

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Google Thinks You’re Naughty: Blacklisted Google Instant Words List

For those of you out there who have adopted the Google Instant lifestyle with open arms, you might have noticed a little catch when searching for a query which might contain such dirty words as “hairy,” “submissive,” and even, dare I say it, “tushy.” These searches require the extra step of a click or a keystroke. This is no accident. ...

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Google Unveils Google Instant to the Masses

Search, as we know it, is about to change. The search giant Google has unveiled an overhauled search system they call Google Instant. Basically what Google Instant does is eliminate the need for a search button. Just start typing and the search is automatically updated in real-time with each new letter. How did they accomplish this? Magic! With a few ...

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The 2010 Social Networking World Map

The internet’s social landscape is constantly in a state of transition. Five years ago, no one would have imagined the massive popularity of Facebook or the complete deterioration and mass migration of MySpace and its users. But the Social Networking Map doesn’t lie or play games, and Facebook is clearly the new superpower. Just to give Facebook’s meteoric rise some ...

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Google Estimates That There Are 129,864,880 Books in the World

Google has taken on quite the challenge. They want to catalog the world’s entire collection of tomes using their Google Books application. Every single one. But before they can do that, they need to know what they’re dealing with. And that’s where their engineers come into play. Using Google’s official definition of a book, the company estimates that there are ...

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