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Coming Soon to Google Wave: Applications

According to sources Google Wave will almost certainly have an application marketplace, where users will be able to purchase third-party applications for the new communication tool. Google Senior Staff Engineer and Wave co-developer Lars Rasmussen has said that he would be very surprised if the applications model was not followed by Google. Google might be making the jump into the ...

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Google Wave Invites Now Available

Hello, fellow GEARheads. We’ve managed to get our hands on several invites for the sacred Google Wave preview. If you need an invite drop us a line and leave a comment including your e-mail address or follow us on Twitter and let us know! We’ll get one out to as many of you as possible. Just a small disclaimer. The ...

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Google Wave Simplified: What Is Google Wave?

You’ve seen people practically offering their lives for invites, you’ve seen it trending on Twitter, but what is it? I know there are a lot of you out there who are still kinda unsure what Google Wave actually is and why it’s such a big deal. The video above does a great job explaining what Google Wave actually is and ...

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