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Woot Off!

Quick! There’s a Woot Off going on at woot.com and you’d better get over there FAST. Chances are that sweet Dyson vaccuum cleaner will be gone by the time you click the link at the bottom of this post. That pack of lanterns? Gone. You gotta be fast! Don’t forget the famous $5 shipping. Link

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Lucas Ruins Star Wars Sweet Cakes With Special Effects

There are few things we love more in this world than Star Wars. But, if we were forced to choose one, it’d have to be baked sweets. So, instead of finding something greater than Star Wars, why not get the best of both worlds? Star Wars-themed baked sweets, such as these highly-detailed Yoda and Millennium Falcon cakes, are about as ...

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Shop Windows Draw Consumers To Stare

This interactive approach to window shopping is sure to get consumer attention. Detecting the gaze of the customer looking at objects in the window, sensors calculate gaze durations and predominantly display the most enticing of merchandise. This same technology could be used in museums and art galleries to show viewers extra material and/or tidbits of information regarding the displayed product. ...

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