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Fish Tank Toilet

I did a little research and as it turns out, goldfish do have a sense of smell. That’s how blind fish can find food rather easily. I feel terrible for these fish. Especially if they’re owner happens to be a frequenter of Taco Bell. The Fish Tank Toilet is cool andconvenientfor several reasons. First off, it’s just really chill to ...

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Goldfish Trash Bags Are Not PETA Friendly

There’s nothing more thrilling than the mass slaughter of innocent fishies. Dump your oil in that lake. Piss in that stream all you want. Yeah, baby, that’s the stuff. The Goldfish Trash bag lets you feel like a real man, conquering nature at its best, showing those damn smug goldfish just who’s running things around here. I mean, come one, ...

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Gone Goldfishin’

This won’t be the first time we’ve seen a goldfish trapped inside a small bag. Thankfully, this time the goldfish happens to be a small toy inside a bag of soap. Yes, that’s soap you see above, not water. It mimics the fish you’d get from playing a game of chance at the county fair. The kind you flush down ...

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Disgusting: Goldfish Keychains

Apparently, you can buy keychains with live goldfish in them in China. It’s not only a stupid idea, it’s also sick and cruel. Though I’ll happily eat fish any day of the week, this serves no purpose other than to hold your keys and torture an innocent goldfish. Whoever made this is one retarded fuck. Let’s throw him in a ...

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