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Gmail Unveils Mail Goggles

I had to check and make sure the calendar wasn’t nearing April 1st when I first read about Google’s Mail Goggles. It seems like such a silly idea that I figured someone was just messing with me. I seem to be wrong, though. Mail Goggles is a new feature designed to keep you from sending emails in a drunken state ...

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8 Geeky Product And Gadget Combos Of Curiosity

There has been a metaphorical shit-storm of weird products recently, combining odd branding with some of the most obscure of gadgets. And while dropping a brand name on a box in order to sell a few more products isn’t necessarily rare, some of these branding combos are pretty out of this world. The eight gadgets which follow are not only ...

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We’re giving away Joost invites, because we love you all

Fellow gearheads. It’s now time to start your Joost engines. We’ve got a ton of invites roaring and ready to go. You want one? Leave us a comment with your first and last name and your e-mail address and we’ll hook you up. Or you can email us at gearfuse at gmail dot com, if you don’t feel like sharing ...

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Google fools us all with Gmail Paper

We swear we fell for it. OK, maybe not, but it’s good to know that one of the biggest companies worldwide has such a good sense of humor. This April Fools mock-up would actually be kind of cool if it were for real. The idea is for a free mail service where Gmail would be sent through the postal service. ...

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Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited storage: Is Flickr next?

As email becomes more important to people’s every day lives, email provider services are competing in the ever growing storage solution for archived messages and files. This morning, Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer posted a blog entry announcing the decision to allow Yahoo! users unlimited storage. Previously, Yahoo! Mail had a storage limit of 1 GB, less than half ...

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