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Kassou Concept Wishes It Could Fly

What in the blue fuck is this thing? The strangest looking compact three wheel concept car we’ve ever seen, even stranger than the Cerva MC08. It’s called the Kassou, which means “glide” in Japanese and it’s from designer Britisher Dunderdale. It came in second place at the Car Design News Contest 2008, most likely due to it’s unique flexible rubber ...

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Glide Is The Only Toaster You Need

If you haven’t noticed, we’re crazy about toasters. Winner of the Macef/Designboom Ceramics for Breakfast Competition 2007, George Watson has crafted a ceramic toaster dubbed “Glide” using slip molded porcelain. Claiming that there has been “little development of the toaster,” has been Watson’s main drive in crafting this atypical toaster. Just shovel the toast into the feeder to have it ...

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