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5 Of Our Favorite Cyber Week Deals!

Vizio Soundbar

We're heading in to the end of Cyber Monday but did you know that most retailers are doing a cyber week and offering great prices on hot holiday deals all week? Well, we might just be getting started with the week but take a look at five of our favorite cyber week.

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Projecteo, The Tiny Instagram Projector


Projecteo is a small (fit in the palm of your hand) projector created by Mint Digital. The tiny projector projects images from a tiny reel on to the closest wall. The reels are created at the time of your projector purchase by linking directly to your Instagram account. The direct linkup makes reel creation easy and fast - just select your 9 Instagram images for your picture reel and let Projecteo do the rest of the work.

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How To Organize Your Garage Clutter

Professional 14 Drawer Tool Chest & Roller Cabinet

Gear heads have a tendency to accumulate clutter. Sure, we know where everything is but once in a while things tend to get "misplaced." So today we're taking a look at how you can organize your garage clutter while avoiding shopping at those artsy craftsy stores.

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15 Geek Gift Must Haves

Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light

When it comes to buying gifts for geeks things really couldn't be easier...although, that could be because we're geeks ourselves... Anyway, take a look at these 15 geek gift must haves that we've selected just for you!

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10 more Gifts for Zombie Lovers

Zombie Sign

If you are a regular Gear Fuse reader or an avid zombie fan then more than likely you caught our "10 Zombie Gifts No One Needs But Everyone Wants" post. Today we want to share a few more great zombie gift ideas for those walking dead fans!

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