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5 Games That Never Saw The Light Of Day

The video game industry comes up with a lot of crap. But now and then, there comes a game which everyone holds their breathe for, anticipating its release like a child on his birthday waiting for gifts. Then the inevitable shoot down, when you realize all you’ve gotten for a whole year of being a spoiled brat is a lousy ...

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Ghost Goblet Is Spooktacular!

The Ghost Goblet is plain cool. Pouring any beverage in the glass’ hallowed out form results in the appearance of a phantom goblet floating in the middle of the glass. It must be magic! That, or it’s 100% hand blown glass. Perhaps both. Link (via)

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Ghost Mirror Shows You How Frustrating It Is Being A Ghoul

Great job. You’ve just killed yourself in a freak cheese grating accident, and now your ghost has no nuts to show for it. Awesome. What to do now? Well, you can always go check your hair in the mirror. Oh, wait! Ghost’s don’t have reflections! The Ghost Mirror uses some weird magic powers or trick of perspective (one or the ...

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Oujia Board Guitar: Sing-Along To The Spirits

Some teens entertain themselves by watching TV and listening to music. Others go out for a midnight run to the graveyard with their Oujia boards, on a quest to contact the dead. You can guess which of those demographics gets the most dates, but how can a musician yield to the spirits while maintaining his cool factor? The Oujia Board ...

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