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Lightdrawing Robot Overexposes Itself

Sort of like peeing in the snow after being exposed to a strong dose of radiation, these lined “lightdrawings” really glow. But unlike urine, these drawings don’t smell like last night’s asparagus. At least, we assume they don’t. The Lightdrawing Robot by German designer Nils Voelker creates lit photo designs by moving colored LED lights as a camera shoots a ...

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Because It’s Friday: Here’s Some Remote Controlled Lederhosen

It’s Friday again and you know what that means: It’s Remote Controlled Lederhosen Day! Ok, not really, but come on! I needed an excuse to write about this totally meaningless gadget. It’s literally so lame that it’s cool. I mean, just look at it! The mystical Lederhosen walks and yodels all on its own while being controlled with a frankfurter ...

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