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Pi Necklace

Looking for that perfect accessory to go with your new Geometric Cube Bracelet? The Pi Necklace by RGB-Works is a mathematical beauty, rock-ible by both humans of the male and female variety. As far as I can tell, RGB-works products are only available in a select number of stores in Japan. So if you want this beauty, you might want ...

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Cube Office Desk with Strategically Placed Storage

What is it about cubes that activates our innate geeky attraction? Does it have something to do with our natural attraction to Geometry and segmented squares? I don’t know, I was never great at math. But what I do know is that anything involving cubes usually catches my eye. This Matthius Pugin’s Cube Office Desk is particularly awesome because it’s ...

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Time Cube Triangulates The Current Time

For a very brief moment of time each day, the Time Cube is a complete geometric cube block. The rest of the time, the clock is a geometric abnormality, dedicated to making time reading in need of a mathematical proof. The clock forms star-shaped shapes when it is not 12 a.m. or p.m., with a series of layered triangles revolving ...

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