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Dude Creates Wireless SEGA Genesis Controller

I have a soft spot in my heart for SEGA’s 16-bit Genesis console. I remember playing hours of Vectorman and Cosmic Spacehead, sitting in front of the television set until my eyes begged for a rest. To think now, that I could have been doing it all wirelessly, just like hacker Jakob Griffith. He rigged an old Mad Catz Genesis ...

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The 16-Bit Genesis Bag

Here’s a bag I’d sport proudly in public. It’s designed like SEGA’s 16-bit Mega Drive system, aka the Genesis here in the states. Sometimes you’ve got no choice but to pick sides in a console war. Too bad you can’t get this $55 dollar bag in a Nintendo flavor. SEGA fans only, please. Link [via]

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Terrorists Allegedly Use Old SEGA Carts As Detonators

Our biggest fears have been realized. Terrorist groups no longer find satisfaction in just blowing themselves up, now there are reports of terrorists being trained to make detonators out of SEGA games. The terrorists have gone too far. Taking apart classic games for use in terrorist activities is not only a disservice to retro collectors all around the world but ...

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8 Oddball Games That Were Easily Forgotten

This week we’ll be taking a look at some strange games that we can’t seem to get out of our head. They may be bad, they may be good but they all share the same fate of being lost in time. The games that comprise this list are not the Loco Rocos or Katamari Damacys out there that shoot for ...

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Would Jesus Play With Lego’s?

We know from the Bible that Jesus was a carpenter, but we don’t now what he would think of this Holy Lego collection. The guys over at Brick Testament put together a project which portrays scenes from the Bible made with Lego’s. Genesis, Exodus, the Garden of Eden, stonings, wrath, plagues, they’re all included. The project was made using over ...

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