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Real-Life Mario Piranha Plant Will Likely Eat Your Pets

Created by artist and avid gamer Kalapusa, this life-sized Piranha Plant illustrates what life might be like if we lived in a world closer to Mario’s world. Composed of a special mix of acrylics, clay and a strengthened wire skeleton, I wouldn’t get too close to this thing with any animals lighter than 50 lbs. It’s looking mighty hungry. This ...

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Handmade Star Trek Starfleet Toddler Uniform

Insanely awesome Craftster user Rinnial handmade this insanely awesome Starfleet uniform (circa 2366-2372 class A uniform) for her toddler daughter to wear this Halloween. My kid would be wearing this all year round, whether they liked it or not. I’m the parent, I know best, now shut up and let the Tribble out for a walk before it shits all ...

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Star Wars Finger Puppets

These googly eyed Star Wars Finger Puppets would be awesome for performing a one-man puppet show, recreating the Star Wars trilogy in its entirety. Sure, there might be a very small audience sitting through the whole thing, but imagine the epicness. Each puppet costs about $1 to make, factoring in the cost of the felt and a few drops of ...

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