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Multi-Tiered Super Mario Cake Really is Super

So, we get it. You can be a huge Mario fan. That’s cool. I totally get it. I have the dude tattooed on my skin for Christ’s sake. But this cake oozes of obsessive awesomeness. Each tier is meticulously connected by even more Mario goodness, physically attached by Super Mario pipes and topped with a Mario and Peaches topper. From ...

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Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Cake

I call the penis! Check out this incredible cake, expertly decorated to resemble the iconic image of Han Solo frozen within a block of carbonite. Now Darth Vader really can have his cake and eat it too. That is, unles Jabba gets to it first.

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Star Destroyer Wedding Cake

Probably already long-ago digested and shat out by wedding guests, this Star Destroyer Wedding Cake must have been the centerpiece of the party. And if it wasn’t, I would love to see what the hell could top this (other than wedding toppers). This bad boy took a combined 15 hours to create and fed 100 people. 100 people? Give this ...

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Robot Cupcakes: Does Not C-OM-NOM-Pute

A lucky three-year-old geek is fortunate enough to have a mother who succumbs to his geeky urges. These butter frosting robot cupcakes look absolutely delicious. Any leftovers? I’d hate to have to hold that kid ransom for some damned baked goods. Don’t worry, robot readers. If you’re a good little bot maybe your programmer will install a taste simulation program. ...

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