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Lotus Eco Elise Eats Grass, Shits Flowers

The Lotus Elise is a car known for its light weight and unique design. Now, those are all preliminary factors with the Eco Elise.�� Everything about this car circles around saving the world one step at a time. Water-based paint job? Check. Hemp, I repeat: Hemp interior? Check. Solar panels? Check. What the fuck does this car not have that’s ...

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Concept Solar Parasol

Parasolar, a solar parasol, is the beach umbrella of the future. What with all this “global warming” stuff going on, mankind is pretty much screwed. You’ll have to do your part, like harnessing solar power into umbrellas. Use the Parasolar during sunny days and it will capture solar energy to recharge your gadgets and gear. Equipped with 12-volt output and ...

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